Luke Evans says ‘Beauty and the Beast’ prequel ‘is going to happen’

Luke Evans assured suckers Thursday that the Gaston and LeFou prequel to “ Beauty and the Beast ” is still passing and that it only has been delayed.

“ It’s been put on hold. We just wan na make sure that it's absolutely the stylish it can be, and if that means we just have to stay a little longer to finesse certain pieces

of it, also that’s what we ’re going to do because this is a veritably important heritage, ” the “ Pinocchio ” actor told Entertainment Weekly.

“ We want to recognize these characters with the stylish story we can conceivably deliver. It’s just on hold, ” Evans, 43, added.

“ It's gon na be. We ’re veritably agitated about it. At some point in the near future, it'll be. ”

The prequel would tell the tale of how LeFou and Gaston came musketeers. Both Josh Gad, 41,

and Evans will duplication their places as LeFou and Gaston — both actors starred in the Emma Watson- led 2017 live- action film.

“To navigate a story of those two people, and also bring them right over to the moment where you meet them in the movie has been a thrilling experience,” Evans said.

Gad explained that one of the major reasons for the constant detention was the fiscal cost of the show.