Dua Lipa ‘smitten’ on Trevor Noah date, in ‘early’ stages of getting acquainted

Dua Lipa was darn near levitating during her regale date with Trevor Noah before this week, Page Six has simply learned.

The London- born pop star, 27, and the South African funnyman, 38, were spotted Wednesday night participating in an intimate mess at

Miss Lily’s in New York City’s East Village, which a bigwig tells us was a place of Noah’s picking.

Our snitch says Lipa was “ smitten ” on what was “ surely a date, ” though we ’re told the brace is in the “ veritably beforehand ” stages of getting to know each other.

A separate source tells us Lipa and Noah aren't officially a couple.

Prints from the doubtful brace’s spin show them sitting nearly during regale, yet far down from other patrons, before heading off on a perambulation subsequently.

The brace was seen walking, talking and hugging, with the soon- to- be former talk show host appearing to give the songster- tunesmith a kiss.

Our source tells us Noah was “ a gentleman ” the whole evening and that the two went home “ independently. ”

As for whether the filmland shows him planting a smooch on Lipa’s impertinence or her lips, we ’re told there was “ perhaps a corner lips kiss. ”