Bruce Boudreau Reflects On 9/11 And How A Last-Minute Flight Change Saved His Life

How fickle the flying cutlet of fate. And how different history could have unfolded as a result. Former Washington centrals Head Coach,

Bruce Boudreau, was firstly listed to fly to Los Angeles on United Airlines Flight 175 out of Boston Logan Airport on September 11, 2011. But fate intervened.

Boudreau, who at that time was Head Coach of the Manchester Monarchs, the AHL chapter of the Los Angeles lords, had plans to fly to Los Angeles in time for

the Los Angeles lords ’ training camp. Still, Andy Murray, also Head Coach of the lords, had other ideas. He wanted Boudreau and Bobby Jay, his adjunct at Manchester,

to fly in a day before, as Murray had planned apre-camp meeting and regale that evening with all the trainers in the association.

Lords ’General Manager, Dave Taylor, heeded to Murray’s request to have his trainers arrive a day sooner. Therefore, a week before the flight, John Wolf, Taylor’s adjunct,

communicated with Boudreau and told him of the change in flight plans. Boudreau didn't have any problems with arriving a day before, but had no idea the change would save his life

“Andy Murray, well he did, he saved my life. I can tell you nanosecond by nanosecond, from six o’clock L.A. time that morning on

the 11th to the end of the day, how it went. It was a crazy day, ” Boudreau told The Province before this week.