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Amadeus is a premium quality classical music plush bear playing 40 minutes of Mozart's most loved compositions. The classics by Mozart are precisely the sounds that every young baby should be hearing. Piano concertos or lush symphonies relax children (and new moms) while inspiring a lifelong affinity for music. The music tracks can be switched and the volume easily controlled. A short composer’s biography is tucked inside the bear's inner pocket. Amadeus timeless appeal will make him any child's favourite toy from birth and for many years to come. Sounds like the ultimate gift for both girls and boys!
40 MINUTES OF CLASSICAL MUSIC – With seven tracks featuring Mozart’s most well-loved compositions, Amadeus plush bear brings 40 minutes of exquisitely beautiful classical music. Carefully selected tracks represent Mozart’s most recognized melodies making Amadeus a great introduction to the composer’s musical repertoire. Amadeus lets you and your baby enjoy the compositions made by one of the most influential classical music composers of all time.
EARLY MUSIC EDUCATION – Inspire love for classical tunes & encourage kids to learn musical instrument with this ultra-soft Amadeus Mozart plush bear lookalike. Printed on Amadeus’ internal back pocket is a short Mozart autobiography. Charmingly written in the first person, it shares a brief history of the composer’s life as well as the title of each musical selection. Reading the composer’s life story to children before bed time can educate them about the history of music.
VOLUME & TRACK CONTROL – Skip tracks to tune in to your baby’s favourite ones. Adjust volume to suit your baby’s needs whether they are asleep or awake. The volume range is within the safety standards for newborns. Maximum volume meets safety requirements for children below 3 years of age. All functions are easily controlled with one button by pressing on the bear’s belly.
COGNITIVE & EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT – Provide the best for your children from day one by supporting their educational and emotional development with the most loved Mozart’s classical melodies. If not for its timeless beauty, it is for its educational and developmental benefits that the classical melodies make an optimal soundtrack for the child’s first few years of a rapid growth.
MUSIC THERAPY FOR INFANTS KIDS ADULTS – Let Amadeus create a stress-free environment for parent and baby bonding times. Classical music produces a calming effect by releasing pleasure-inducing dopamine and inhibiting the release of stress hormones. At around 24 weeks, the baby’s ears are rapidly developing in the womb. Introducing newborns to classical tunes can brighten their mood, stimulate their brains, and build bonds with their parents. Amadeus is a great gift idea for an expecting mother.

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