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A world in a sand

The octagonal quicksand painting has a unique design and decoration concept. Watch the quicksand pile up into different pictures.As if immersed in it, you will feel particularly happy and relaxed.



Aoderun has been focusing on developing sand paintings for nearly 10 years. We create with ingenuity, not only products, but also the warmth that we want you to feel.

How to Adjust Bubbles?

Sand falls too slowly: pump out some air bubblesSand falls too fast: add some air bubblesTurn the sand painting to make the bubbles move near the air hole and make sure there is no sand near the air hole. Insert a syringe into the air hole to adjust the bubbles.It is soothing and interesting to watch them evolve with a new creation with every turn.
For safety reasons, we cannot provide syringes. If need, you could get it at a pharmacy or other store. A small disposable syringe is enough.


Instructions for use

Place the sand painting on a shelf for at least 30 minutes.Just hold and shake it gently left and right for a while, so that the air bubbles inside become small bubbles, then turn it over to let the sand slowly flow down from the small bubbles.After the sand has completely fallen, keep it on the shelf for at least 30 minutes, then turn it over.

Note: It is normal for some bubbles to get stuck. Because the buoyancy of the bubbles is balanced with the gravity of the sand, but the situation rarely happens.




Every time it flips and falls, it creates a new calm and charming scene, such as turbulent waves, or streams and mountains.

The mixed ratio is great.Besides the sand color, there is also gold micro glitter added to the colored sand.The two collided with each other and create unexpected surprises.

Look at the aesthetic vision and inner touch of the whole, proportion and line, quietly release the elegant shock, and present the aesthetic form.




Sand painting will bring you a calm, natural and wonderful feeling. Everything is quiet and the mind is healed.

People who sit at a computer desk for a long time can quietly watch it flow. It makes people feel like they are in the babbling water, which can relieve fatigue, relax and inspire.

Parents can slowly turn it with their children and feel the ever-changing physical charm of the sand painting landscape. Have a relaxing and enjoyable parent-child time with your children.


RELAXING TOY: The art of flowing sand is constantly changing. Every time it flips and falls, it creates a new calm and charming scene, such as turbulent waves, or streams and mountains. Watch the quicksand pile up into different pictures.As if immersed in it, you will feel particularly happy and relaxed.
HIGH QUALITY: The octagonal quicksand painting has a unique design and decoration concept. It uses lead-free high transparent glass that is crystal clear like water droplets, fully demonstrating the beauty of quicksand. The sand is fine and colorful with clear layers.The 6D effect of flowing patterns is excellent. The frame is a new type of plastic frame, which is sturdy and durable.
WONDERFUL GIFT IDEA: This is an amazing gift, no matter if elders, lovers, children or friends. For children, magical and energetic sand painting can increase parent-child interaction and cultivate their wisdom and patience. For adults, relaxing, soothing sand movement can purify the mind, release pressure, and relax your eyes.
HOME&OFFICE USAGE:This is a captivating and vibrant piece of art and just what you need to decorate your home or office! Use your hands-on skills and creativity to make it a wonderful desk decoration for your office or home.Provide an elegant style to your room, while developing inspiration, cultivating sentiment, and highlighting your different artistic feelings.
WARRANTY:We promise 63-day PRODUCTS EXCHANGE and MONEY BACK. If for some reason that you are not satisfied with our products, please contact us directly, we will certainly solve all your problems and confusion(Syringe not included)

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